Photoshoot: Space

  Credits:   Photographer: Annawen Lecas @annawen35   Models: Claire Watson @claire.bee.watson Ellen @elleneganx Rosie O Byrne @rosie_sunset   Styling & Producing: Justine Lepage @loucoffee Claire Watson @claire.bee.watson Sinéad Mckeown @sinead_m.c.keown   Light: Justine Lepage @loucoffee   Hair: Aoife King @aoifeking_hair   Makeup: Annawen Lecas @annawen35   Disco Ball: Kate Miller @kaateclaire

Body Modification for the Public Eye: Bop or Flop?

[T.W Body Image Issues / Fatphobia Mentioned] Deputy Fashion Editor Sinéad McKeown grapples with the complex relationship between the condemnation of plastic surgery and the damnation of not being the beauty standard.     The rise of tabloid journalism can be traced back to the early 1900s, and since then we have seen a huge […]

Photoshoot: Mushrooms

  Credits:   Photographer: David Quinn @_quinnteresting_    Models: Jessica O Brien @jessicannerose Aoife Allen @aoifeallen_   Hair:  Aoife King @aoifeking_hair   Makeup: Annawen @annawen35   Jewellery: Saltwater Design @saltwater_design  

The Rise of Mushroom Fashion

Fashion editor Justine Lepage believes there’s something to be said of the aesthetic of mushrooms. These plants/creatures/none of the above look very distinct from any other living thing, but also very different from one another. The fashion industry has always been inspired by natural elements, but the place of mushrooms as the ‘it-girl’ inspiring the […]

Photoshoot: Belles of the County Down

  The Paul Mescalification of O’ Neill’s shorts: from GAA to Gucci   Photographer: Alana Daly Mulligan @alana_d_m_   Models: Darragh Hernan @darraghhernan Luca O’Halloran @ohalloranluca Aida O’Callaghan   Martín Mendiburu @tinmendiburu   Producing and styling: Justine Lepage Sinéad McKeown   Clothes: Nine Crows Vintage @ninecrowscork   Jewellery: Necklaces courtesy of Azure Jewellery @azurejewellery  

Culture, Content & Creativity

Deputy Fashion Editor Sinéad McKeown talks how social media has created trend cycles of indigenous clothing.   Throughout history, we can see how fashion has progressed and changed as a result of world wide influence. Since the creation of Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 and the launch of social media platforms, the world has […]