Job for the Boys

  Uniforms are no longer confined to the four walls of an office, kitchen, building site, or further afield. In recent years, street fashion has co-opted workwear as a statement. Luka Phelan explores this development contrasting real life uniforms with their streetwear alternative. Find a chef and a carpenter alongside two young man. Find a young man imitating military garb but, unfortunately, without an actual … Continue reading Job for the Boys

The Rise of Prada

Muireann Treasa Guinee chronicles the rise of Prada, a household name in luxury fashion, from its beginnings in WW1 Milan to its current standing as a leading global player in the fashion industry. Prada’s rise to fame is a tale of daring contradiction and unapologetic high standards. Over the years, it has solidified its grasp on the fashion industry with highly-intellectualised fashion and much sought-after … Continue reading The Rise of Prada

A Week in My Wardrobe: London Fashion Week

Fashion editor Paul McLauchlan reflects on his time at the spring/summer 2020 shows at London Fashion Week and how his wardrobe figured alongside industry elites I attend London Fashion Week twice a year as a member of the international press. In recent seasons, I have reported on the shows for the Irish Examiner and for the ‘Talents’ section of Vogue Italia. I’ve had the privilege … Continue reading A Week in My Wardrobe: London Fashion Week

A Week In My Wardrobe: Suits

The second edition of Fashion Editor Paul McLauchlan’s monthly column sees him wear a suit to college every day for a week to see how students respond to seeing formalwear amongst the more casual, conventional styles worn on campus .  For my second wardrobe experiment, I wanted to wear a suit to college for a week.   To those that know me, this won’t come … Continue reading A Week In My Wardrobe: Suits

The True Cost

  Richard Kelly exposes the consequences of our relationship with clothing consumption and what we can do to change them before it’s too late. Have you ever asked ‘how do our fashion choices affect the planet? Are we subconsciously doing more damage than good by way of our clothing consumption?’ Unfortunately, the answer seems to be yes. In the digital age, it’s difficult to avoid … Continue reading The True Cost