Black Lives Matter, and it’s more than a hashtag

    George Floyd’s brutal murder sparked nothing less than a revolution. Watching the video evidence shocked a lot of people, most of whom were clearly unaware of what happens in America everyday: the biased treatment of black people, which often results in the loss of their lives or baseless imprisonment. The Black Lives Matter movement didn’t start last week though, and if you thought … Continue reading Black Lives Matter, and it’s more than a hashtag

C’est la Vegan

Sorcha Lanigan dispels the myth of the lute playing vegan For some, veganism is a decision made to benefit personal and ethical beliefs, and for others it’s more of a self­congratulatory label that people are quick to roll their eyes at. The old joke: “how do you know if someone is a vegan? Don’t worry, they’ll f**king tell you,” is something a friend says she … Continue reading C’est la Vegan