A House Divided: Paranoia and Partisan Politics in the United States

As the tsunami that was the US Presidential election begins to subside, Motley’s Conor Daly looks at the debris and how those in power face the unruly task of rebuilding bridges.   Joe Biden got the requisite 270 electoral votes and was named the 46th US President. Donald Trump refused to accept reality and created […]

Indirect Communication: Ireland’s Awkward Conversation About Direct Provision

UCC University of Sanctuary & Fáilte Refugees student activist Mair Kelly discusses the complexities posed by Ireland’s lack of mental health supports available to ethinic minority communities.    Ireland’s mental health services are seriously lacking, but for people of colour (POC) and ethnic minority communities, there are further barriers to accessing these ever-crucial services: the […]

Evil Incarnate: The Problem of Evil in the Mother and Baby Homes

Ellen C. Byrne examines ideas of evil and their intersection with the religious institutions that operated Mother and Baby Homes.  In a 2014 interview, Sister Sarto, former Mother Superior of Bessborough House, speaks softly. Her voice quivers. “I feel sad about it, that all of this has happened.” Without context, one might think she was […]

Give Your Head Peace: Northern Irish Mental Health post-Brexit

Charlie Power of North-South Perspective talks about the effects Brexit is having on the mental health of Northern Ireland.    I was sat in the pub with my girlfriend, nursing a pint of Guinness and trying to avoid the constant glare of Sky News bulletins rolling in. The relentless white noise of washed-up has-beens sharing […]

State Response to the Investigation into the Mother and Baby Homes and the Magdalene Laundries: Is the State repeating the errors of the past?

Cliodhna Buckley BCL (Law and French), LLM (Law and Criminology) breaks down the recent publication of the report of the Commission of Investigation into the Mother and Baby Homes, tracking Ireland’s dark history of abuse and discussing the possibilities for the future.    On 12th January 2021, Ireland’s pandora-box was once again opened following the […]