Tate’s Army: an Analysis of the Growing Discontent Towards Feminism Amongst Young Men

Deputy Current Affairs Editor Tiarnan O’Rourke takes a look at the rise of angry young men on the internet and what factors drive them to beacons like Tate. When scouring the internet for information regarding the plight of women many articles will come up. Statistics will appear that discuss the high rates of violence against […]

PaY Chromosomes – The Data Behind the Gender Pay Gap

Motley contributor Ava Somers writes about how the Gender Pay Gap is alive and well in Ireland.  What if I told you, you could earn less because you have brown eyes? Are less than 5’ 5”? Have blonde hair? Welcome to the world of women, where we earn less simply for not being given the […]

In Defence of Skylar White

  Deputy Entertainment editor Chloe Barrett looks back at one of the greatest productions to ever grace television: Breaking Bad while attempting to unravel the constant hate thrown at the show’s main female character. Breaking Bad is deemed as one of the greatest television series of all time. The universe, which features the prequel series […]

What is a Woman? 

Staff Writer Jessica Anne Rose examines what it really means to be a woman. What is a woman, really? What marks me as a female? What is it about me that inherently screams ‘girl’? Perhaps you’d say, well naturally, you were born female. The nurses took a look at me squirming around on the hospital […]

Who’s Afraid of American Feminists? An Interview with Amy Richards

  Current Affairs Editor Alana Daly Mulligan talks with activist Amy Richards about the fight for gender equality through the Trump Presidency and beyond. Feminism, a word that describes a social justice movement for gender equity and human liberation is often treated as the other F word…   “What is Feminism?” Manifesta: Young Women, Feminism […]

Power-Shift or Placebo? – Two Years on from #MeToo

  “Nobody is going to say anything?” erupted an audience member at a comedy show attended by Harvey Weinstein earlier this month before being escorted off the premises. The question and its reaction made Maeve McTaggart wonder – after #MeToo, where does all the power lie?   To The New York Times in late 2017, […]