Do As I Say, and Not As I Do

Katie Burke tackles ‘feminist’ fashion With the changing of the seasons, fashion not only presents us with new fabrics, silhouettes and colour trends, but also a reflection of the society we live in. In the 1910s and 1920s, slightly shortened hemlines and less constricting dresses reflected the economic consequences of war, and the practicalities of […]

Rewriting Sexual Assault

Rían Browne O’Neill examines feminism and sexual assault in light of Roxane Gay’s literature on the subject Late 2017 saw a raft of sexual assault allegations against prominent individuals within the entertainment industry, including Kevin Spacey & Harvey Weinstein. Born from this, the #MeToo campaign saw thousands come forward to share their own experiences of […]

The “F-word”

By Sadhbh Sullivan Venturing into adulthood in a 21st century Ireland is accompanied by a multitude of opportunities and experiences. We are living in an age of “acceptance”, and a state that has become known worldwide for social tolerance, ranking in the top ten of the world’s most tolerant countries in a Movehubs survey carried […]

Book Stores

A Table of One’s Own

Barry Pierce investigates the representation of female writers in Cork’s biggest bookshops. My bookshelves present a past life. If I were to do a census of my shelves I already know what the result would be. Volumes upon volumes of men. My bookshelves embarrass me now. A couple of years ago my only criteria for […]

8th Amendment: Next Year’s Words Await Another Voice

In November, UCC students voted in a campus wide referendum that told UCC’s Students’ Union to campaign on their behalf to repeal the 8th amendment of Bunreacht Na hÉireann. Ellen Desmond asks Colm O’Gorman, Executive Director of Amnesty Ireland, why this is an issue students should engage with in 2016. Why do you believe that […]

Editorial: It’s All Looking Pretty Cheap Now, In Fairness.

Words: Ellen Desmond What’s Your Cup Size? “A campus café has been forced to remove its latest advertising after students described the signage as sexist,” writes the Irish Examiner. And describe it the students did. Prior to its removal, there were varying opinions being voiced; all shouted loudly, venomously, repeatedly, and predominantly on social media […]