Editorial: It’s All Looking Pretty Cheap Now, In Fairness.

Words: Ellen Desmond What’s Your Cup Size? “A campus café has been forced to remove its latest advertising after students described the signage as sexist,” writes the Irish Examiner. And describe it the students did. Prior to its removal, there were varying opinions being voiced; all shouted loudly, venomously, repeatedly, and predominantly on social media (as cowardly students are all too apt at using as … Continue reading Editorial: It’s All Looking Pretty Cheap Now, In Fairness.

We Don’t Need Feminism

Leah Driscoll adds feminism to the list of unwanted things to leave behind with all your other regrets in 2015. Third wave feminism has ebbed and flowed since the nineties, but in the past year or two the wave has been more like a tsunami. We’re pretty much drowning in calls for equality, seeing as everyone from Malala to Miley is a feminist these days. … Continue reading We Don’t Need Feminism

Giving Out Yards: An Interview with Tara Flynn

Eoghan Scott talks funny and feminism with everybody’s favourite Tara Flynn. Over the course of her 46 years, UCC alum Tara Flynn has had more than a few things happen to her. Actress, comedian, author, and, most recently, human rights campaigner to repeal the 8th Amendment, Tara has never been one to shy away from adding strings to her bow. Having studied English and French … Continue reading Giving Out Yards: An Interview with Tara Flynn

Editorial: Why I Need Feminism

Words: Ellen Desmond The October issue of Motley Magazine, somewhat unintentionally, has become the feminist issue.  At our most recent Team Motley meeting, it was obvious that the majority present wished to write something to address the situation of sexism in universities and further afield. We came out of that meeting with no agreement that this issue would be an official discussion of feminism, and … Continue reading Editorial: Why I Need Feminism