The Greatest Showman: In Defence of Inaccuracy

“The people like to be humbugged!” Words by Roseanna Claire Howe Who was P.T Barnum? Was he an avant-garde hero, or manipulative villain? Was he humanitarian or a thief, an entrepreneur or manipulator? Will prose ever tell the true stories of history…and should they? All through his life P.T Barnum fought for his fortunes and made his own luck. To kick-start his showbiz career, Barnum … Continue reading The Greatest Showman: In Defence of Inaccuracy

Back to the Future Past

Calvin Roy explores the rise of the ‘80s in popular culture. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Jurassic World, Mad Max Fury Road, It, Ghostbusters, Blade Runner 2049, Prometheus, Terminator Genesys… What year is this?! The 80s appears to be as popular as it was 35 years ago. Remakes and reboots of movies originally popular in the 80s are big business. Let’s focus on this “retromania” … Continue reading Back to the Future Past

The Director’s Cut ‘Final Girls’, Representation, and the Horror Genre

Horror movies are allegories for contemporary society, writes Craig Hourihan – what does this mean for those left out of the script? “Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame, and what’s out.” – Martin Scorsese Every year, once the leaves start to turn brown, I prepare myself for the onslaught of upcoming horror movies (pun intended). To be quite frank, I adore horror. … Continue reading The Director’s Cut ‘Final Girls’, Representation, and the Horror Genre

#OscarsSoWhite … (again)

Amy O’ Callaghan takes a look at one of the film industry’s greatest downfalls, ahead of this awards season. There are only two major things being discussed in regards to the 2016 Academy Awards: whether or not Leo will finally get his Oscar and the blatantly obvious lack of people of colour in the nominations list. Following the 2015 nominations, when Ava DuVernay was snubbed … Continue reading #OscarsSoWhite … (again)


Words: Amy Louise O’ Callaghan January is well known to be a “month of change”, a time to make subtle changes and resolutions in your life. Now generally, these resolutions never go much further than telling yourself you’ll make a conscious decision to go to the gym but more often than not, these resolutions don’t amount to much, and you’ll step foot in the Mardyke … Continue reading #52FilmsByWomen