#OscarsSoWhite … (again)

Amy O’ Callaghan takes a look at one of the film industry’s greatest downfalls, ahead of this awards season. There are only two major things being discussed in regards to the 2016 Academy Awards: whether or not Leo will finally get his Oscar and the blatantly obvious lack of people of colour in the nominations […]


Words: Amy Louise O’ Callaghan January is well known to be a “month of change”, a time to make subtle changes and resolutions in your life. Now generally, these resolutions never go much further than telling yourself you’ll make a conscious decision to go to the gym but more often than not, these resolutions don’t […]


Review: Claire Fox The trailer for Joy which appeared on our TV screens early in the New Year was a catalogue of confusion. It painted Joy as a film about female empowerment, while also containing thriller-like and satirical elements. This confusion of genre surrounding Joy layered the film with a promising sense of excitement. Who […]

2016 Must See Films

Words: Liam Horgan 2015 has come and gone and with it a host of films. We had the visceral pleasure of Mad Max, the intelligence of Ex Machina and the return of Star Wars. Although 2015 was an entertaining year for film, especially low budget Indies, the coming year if anything looks a lot more […]

Top Ten Films of 2015

Dylan Mangan rounds up the best of 2015 With so much of the film world revolving around the Oscars, the beginning of winter is a good time to stop and reflect on the year so far. As we enter ‘Oscar Season’, many films released earlier in the year can become lost in the buzz created […]

Direction and The Damned: Wes Orshoski

Interview by Hassan Baker The Damned are the forgotten pioneers of the punk movement. Wes Orshoski (director of ‘Lemmy: 49% mother**ker. 51% son of a bitch) documents the forgotten band in his latest film ‘’The Damned: Don’t You Wish You Were Dead’, showing every side of the band, the raw, power filled live group, to […]