Puerto Rico: An Economic Crisis

Cillian Lyne details the specifics of the Puerto Rican Financial Crisis. A glance at any reputable Business based news source will reveal economic turmoil in Puerto Rico. For the casual reader this would elicit a calm “hmm” and a google search to determine where exactly Puerto Rico is before returning to reading the rest of the news. Puerto Rico is a trade hub between North … Continue reading Puerto Rico: An Economic Crisis

Loans for Learning

Hassan Baker takes a look at the reality behind proposed student loan schemes In recent times funding for education has been decreased, while costs have continued to increase. This is due to the cuts made during the recession, as well as an increase in demand for places in third level institutions. The number of entrants into third level education is expected to rise from 41,000 … Continue reading Loans for Learning

Europe’s Problem Child

Motley’s Peter O’Brien discusses the wider implications of Greece’s most recent general elections. The recent general election win of Greece’s “Coalition of the Radical Left” party, otherwise known by its acronym, Syriza, has instilled a profound fear in all centre-right governments across Europe. The party rode into power under the leadership of the fresh faced Alex Tsipras, on a wave of public support for their … Continue reading Europe’s Problem Child