The Journey to Reproductive Rights

  From its 1983 insertion into the Constitution to its repeal by referendum in 2018, the 8th Amendment has long dictated cultural, political and social attitudes towards the reproductive rights of Irish women. Ashlin O’Sullivan explores how the journey to and from the 8th is still far from its final destination.  On January 1st 2019, […]

Why the world needs meninism. Really.

    “Men are trash”, “Why are men great till they gotta be great?”, “Boo men”. These are all things you will hear Niamh Browne say on occasion. Ardent feminist and friend to some men, who better to talk about the crises in modern masculinity?    Yes, poor men, poor, poor men who benefit from […]

Bare Bones: The Lingering Spirit of Sexism in Halloween Costuming

  Halloween is fast approaching and with it comes the inevitable cold gust that lets us all know winter is well on its way. To the vast majority that would signal a time to start layering up and doing our best to stay warm. However, it appears design teams creating women’s Halloween costumes have a […]

Crowns and Hijabs: The Iran Chess Championship Boycott

Female US Chess Champ Protests Being Forced to Wear a Hijab in the Iran World Championship documented by John A. O’Dowd. The 2016 US Women’s Chess Champion, Nazí Paikidze, has stated that she will not take part in the 2017 Women’s World Chess Championship, due to Iranian Penal Law dictating she must wear a hijab […]

Every Colour Illuminates

Eoin McSweeney examines the contrast between LGBT* rights at home and abroad as he writes from his work placement in a legal aid clinic that specialises in LGBT* issues in Philadelphia. Mia is picked up by police in Philadelphia for assaulting a man outside a club after he calls her a “tranny.” While she is […]

Letter to the Editor | Gender Neutral Bathrooms in UCC

Dear Editor, Recently it came to my attention that UCC, my own university, has started introducing gender-neutral bathrooms on campus. Now I consider myself a very modern man, at one time in my life I frequented Chambers. I then discovered that it wasn’t actually an Ally McBeal themed bar and never went there again. Unisex […]