Indirect Communication: Ireland’s Awkward Conversation About Direct Provision

UCC University of Sanctuary & Fáilte Refugees student activist Mair Kelly discusses the complexities posed by Ireland’s lack of mental health supports available to ethinic minority communities.    Ireland’s mental health services are seriously lacking, but for people of colour (POC) and ethnic minority communities, there are further barriers to accessing these ever-crucial services: the […]

Evil Incarnate: The Problem of Evil in the Mother and Baby Homes

Ellen C. Byrne examines ideas of evil and their intersection with the religious institutions that operated Mother and Baby Homes.  In a 2014 interview, Sister Sarto, former Mother Superior of Bessborough House, speaks softly. Her voice quivers. “I feel sad about it, that all of this has happened.” Without context, one might think she was […]

State Response to the Investigation into the Mother and Baby Homes and the Magdalene Laundries: Is the State repeating the errors of the past?

Cliodhna Buckley BCL (Law and French), LLM (Law and Criminology) breaks down the recent publication of the report of the Commission of Investigation into the Mother and Baby Homes, tracking Ireland’s dark history of abuse and discussing the possibilities for the future.    On 12th January 2021, Ireland’s pandora-box was once again opened following the […]

Where are all the women in the 33rd Dáil?

  The 2016 election was the first to be beholden to the gender quota and flanked by the referenda of marriage quality and repeal, it elected more women to Leinster House than ever before. In the results February of 2020, Maeve McTaggart muses upon why it matters that the changing tide of political representation has […]

Irish Mental Health; Moving in the Right Direction?

DEPUTY CURRENT AFFAIRS EDITOR FIONA HUGHES DISCUSSES IRISH MENTAL HEALTH IN 2017 CONSIDERING THE IMPACT OF LAST YEAR’S CONTROVERSIES “Ireland has the fourth highest rate of suicide among teens in the EU, with only Lithuania, Estonia and Finland experiencing higher rates.” In 2016, light was shed on the Irish Government’s attitude towards mental health. Ireland […]

The Cassells Report; A clear solution to the problem of Third Level Funding?

Fiona Hughes spoke with USI President Annie Hoey about what Cassells Report means and how it effects UCC students. Since the economic crisis, state funding for Third Level Education has dropped from 84% to 64%. Although the majority are making ends meet, at least five colleges are now running deficits and are in danger of […]