GE2020: We already know who will be Taoiseach, here’s why.

A foregone conclusion or a self-fulfilling prophecy? Maeve McTaggart explores why head-to-head debates between Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael are a necessary evil – and why reality isn’t as painful as you may think. From the Starbucks-led coffeeshop coup which has wracked every city corner and bottom floor of every new office block, to the […]

The Green party are Soft-Capitalists. Vote for them anyway.

Niamh Browne offers an argument for voting Green in the upcoming election – or at least why you shouldn’t not lose your faith in the left. A lot of rhetoric coming up to the General Election 2020, is don’t vote Fine Gael, don’t vote Fianna Fail. More interestingly is the rhetoric that we shouldn’t give […]