UCC the big winners at National Student Media Awards

Report: Motley Staff The 2016 National Student Media Awards took place last week in the Aviva Stadium. The event, sponsored by KBC and organised annually by oxygen.ie, was attended by more than 400 third level students, lecturers and Irish media professionals. For the first time in the history of the awards, University College Cork was the most successful college, winning nine of the national awards in … Continue reading UCC the big winners at National Student Media Awards

Motley Tries

Motley Tries to Grow Up

Hannah Kingston forsakes the student lifestyle by trying to become a functioning member of society. For many, this time of year  can be described as the  “Save the Semester” segment of  college. You have managed to scrape through semester one with minimal effort. You thought the same could be said  for semester two  but then  you  blinked  and  now  you’re  questioning  where  you  were  during … Continue reading Motley Tries to Grow Up

The Bucket List

The Bucket List

Words: Hannah Kingston On arriving to U.C.C, I was handed a bucket  list. Many of the things meant  very  little to me. What  was  a  golden  week?  What  was  a  black  week?  What  in  the  name  of  God  was  a  King Creole? I was an innocent eighteen year old who was slightly terrified at the prospect of adult life. A month in, I knew what … Continue reading The Bucket List