Hassan Baker gives his I read through the manifestos of most major parties in Ireland and have looked specifically at the area of education, and more specifically, each party’s views on third-level education fees. There is a growing number of students, and not enough resources to accommodate their needs, so funding is needed, but where the money comes from is the question. Some parties seem … Continue reading GE 2016: EDUCATION BREAKDOWN

A Fresh Approach to Drug Strategy

Hassan Baker meets with Graham De Barra, director of Help Not Harm, and Chill Welfare’s Katy Macleod to discuss drug policy ahead of the 2016 General Election. There seems to be a lot of confusion as to what the difference between the decriminalisation and legalisation of drugs. There also seems to be rarely any mention of harm reduction, and the media rarely seems to clarify. … Continue reading A Fresh Approach to Drug Strategy

Loans for Learning

Hassan Baker takes a look at the reality behind proposed student loan schemes In recent times funding for education has been decreased, while costs have continued to increase. This is due to the cuts made during the recession, as well as an increase in demand for places in third level institutions. The number of entrants into third level education is expected to rise from 41,000 … Continue reading Loans for Learning

A Goodbye to Bowie

Hassan Baker Everyone relates to music differently, that’s a given. We all project our own emotions into art. Since the announcement of David Bowie’s death, his friends and family have come out with statements on the matter, such as fellow musician and long friend Iggy Pop who stated: “David’s friendship was the light of my life. I never met such a brilliant person. He was … Continue reading A Goodbye to Bowie

Harm Reduction: A New Frontier for Irish Society

Hassan Baker speaks with Tim Bingham and TD Aodhan O’Riordain about the National Student Drug Survey and the issues surrounding drug law reform in Ireland. A big part of student life is trying new things, and experiencing them in a safe and open environment. Hence why drug use is, and always will be, prevalent in student culture. This makes it neither right nor wrong, but … Continue reading Harm Reduction: A New Frontier for Irish Society

Syrians Are People Too

As the footsteps of displaced asylum seekers continue to fall, Hassan Baker discusses the spreading of hate and latent racism that surrounds finding a solution to the ongoing refugee crisis. The current Syrian refugee crisis is clear evidence that the Middle East needs to change. The entire region seems to present threat to the outside, as well as itself. It is a junkie region, destructive … Continue reading Syrians Are People Too