RAG Week: The Musical

Words: Kyle Malone This month, UCC celebrates RAG Week, a term which literally is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as: “An act of ragging; an extensive display of noisy disorderly conduct, carried on in defiance of authority or discipline.” Though most students will look forward to RAG Week as a time to relax and unwind with friends, others are busy at work, as UCC is … Continue reading RAG Week: The Musical

Letter to the Editor | Gender Neutral Bathrooms in UCC

Dear Editor, Recently it came to my attention that UCC, my own university, has started introducing gender-neutral bathrooms on campus. Now I consider myself a very modern man, at one time in my life I frequented Chambers. I then discovered that it wasn’t actually an Ally McBeal themed bar and never went there again. Unisex bathrooms were the one thing which greatly upset me about … Continue reading Letter to the Editor | Gender Neutral Bathrooms in UCC

“I haven’t started studying yet either”

We sent Kyle Malone out in the cold to capture the atmosphere of this oh so festive time in UCC. With the Christmas season in full swing, students are now sadly bracing themselves for exams. I went out and about on campus to see just how UCC’s best and brightest are coping with this challenging time. What became immediately apparent was how few students were … Continue reading “I haven’t started studying yet either”

Food for Thought

Report: Kyle Malone As the echoes of Fresher’s Week celebrations slowly fade away for yet another year, students around UCC are now looking towards their budget and especially towards the cost of food on campus. The biggest debate revolves around the New Bar, whose dinner prices have increased this term. This reporter went down to the Amphitheatre to hear what students had to say. “How … Continue reading Food for Thought