Anna McCarthy Self-indulgence is often a touchy topic to pick at, but the level of narcissism social media and technology have surrounded us with makes it a fact of life in modern day society. When the first hand-held Motorola presented itself to the world, it only had one function: communication. The mobile phone has since evolved; from reliable Nokia to the Sony Ericsson, where additional … Continue reading THE SELFIE GENERATION

The Power of Celebrity: Talent vs. Style  

Words: Rachel Muckley People rise to fame in all sorts of ways. Some creep up on world media without us ever realising, while others struggle though minor successes for years until they make it. Interestingly, the concept of fame is constantly broadening, so that one can call themselves a celebrity for almost any reason. However we do, and we always have, synced up the celeb … Continue reading The Power of Celebrity: Talent vs. Style