The Irish Distrust of Mushrooms

Contributing writer Daniel Gavilovski discusses foraging in Eastern Europe and explores the lack of interest in the tradition in Ireland, all the while opening our eyes to the wonder of fungi.     I have often wondered why it is that the culture of mushroom picking is so much scarcer in Ireland than it is […]

Tones’ Deaf

Contributor Shane McCormack delves into the controversy everyone’s talking about on Twitter; the Irish Women’s football team locker room celebrations and how it’s unfairly overshadowed their remarkable achievements. He suggests that some songs might be due to be shelved.    It was an amazing night. A ‘Reeling In The Years’ moment. It will be remembered […]

The Leaving Generation: Why another up and coming cohort will inevitably flock to greener pastures.

Contributing wrtier Áine Feeney remarks on recent events and highlights how various negative policies in the Irish economy contributes to high emigration and brain drain   As Irish people, emigration is woven into the fabric of our history. Famines, recessions and successive government failures have scattered Irish people to other nations such as England, America […]

Anti- Authoritarian Art: A Look at Palestine and Northern Ireland

Sarah O’Mahony speaks to David Osit, Emmy award winning filmmaker, about his documentary Mayor which is focused on the city of Ramallah and the daily lives of the Palestinian people living there and their Mayor Musa Hadid. She also draws on Kneecap’s similar examination of the history and current state of Northern Ireland and the […]

Populism is Good for Your Mental Health: Here’s Why

Dionne O’Mahony takes a look at the resources people have when democracy simply isn’t serving them.   Populism has always been framed as the big guy vs the underdog. It is ‘for the people’, rather than ‘elite’. While populism is neither good nor bad, it is merely a democratic tool, be it right or left. […]

The Brexit deal: a solution to some, but not all problems

A new year, a new deal, regained British sovereignty, but what does this mean for the UK, Northern Ireland and the Republic? Motley’s Conor Daly discusses.    A joint sigh of relief at the announcement of the agreed Brexit deal between the UK and the EU was possibly the first time both sides had the […]