The Noisy 21st Century

How do we distinguish between speech that harms and speech that sparks debate? Alice O’Brien examines the divide The motivational speaker Tony Gaskins once said, “arguing isn’t communication, it’s noise.” No debate has been louder than the 21st century favourite: hate speech vs free speech.  It is a bone of contention that pokes its head into every news story, amplifies every political move and sparks … Continue reading The Noisy 21st Century

Big Data: Big Fear?

Where should we draw the line with data analytics, asks Aditi Udayabhaskar We know all too well the spiral of a YouTube spree – just one video, you think, until you find yourself watching advertisements on Brennan’s bread some two hours later thinking, how did I get here? Yep, we can all relate. Whilst this is a great way to procrastinate, it also is a subtle … Continue reading Big Data: Big Fear?

Love in the Time of Followers

Staff writer Cormac Dineen offers up his take on our complicated relationship with the world of internet dating. A few months ago, I had an interesting conversation with a work colleague during which I pressed him for his opinion on the phenomenon of internet dating. As we talked I saw him slowly and deliberately scroll through Facebook on his phone, pausing at brief intervals to … Continue reading Love in the Time of Followers

Return Of The ‘Boom’ – Still Facing Gloom

As the Irish economy begins to improve, are we in danger of replicating the mistakes of the Celtic Tiger, asks Rebecca Stone Homelessness in Ireland: the Facts As of late June 2017, the population of known homeless individuals in Ireland stood at 7,941 – the highest number on record. The number of homeless families has increased by 27% in the past year. 1 in 3 … Continue reading Return Of The ‘Boom’ – Still Facing Gloom