Repeal the 8th

Rebecca Stone discusses the consequences of the 8th Amendment. As we are all well aware, the topic of abortion and its legality in Ireland has been a centre of controversy and contention for the last several years. Currently, the 8th Amendment equates the life of the unborn foetus with that of the pregnant woman or person. This legislation has caused many problems for the people … Continue reading Repeal the 8th

Why voting yes matters for the future of Ireland

Adrian McCarthy explains why he hopes for an equal future Imagine that you are on a bus. It is an average, uneventful afternoon and you’re on the way home from work or college. You look out the window, watching the familiar surroundings pass you by as you sit squeezed into the narrow seats. You decide to take out your phone to alleviate the monotony of … Continue reading Why voting yes matters for the future of Ireland