Defeating Daesh: The Fall of Ramadi

Now that Iraqi government forces have finally taken control of the Iraqi city of Ramadi, Brian O’ Connor gives his take on what challenges lie ahead in the fight against Daesh. For almost two years, the entire world has watched as Daesh (also known as ISIS) have gained control of more and more territory, which is now roughly the same size as Great Britain. The … Continue reading Defeating Daesh: The Fall of Ramadi

Can Anonymous hurt ISIS?

Words: Kevin Hosford Recently a ‘hacktivist’ group named Anonymous announced they will be conducting a series of cyber-attacks against the Islamic State in retaliation to the recent attacks in Paris, which resulted in the death of 129 innocent people. But can an online anonymous group really put a dent on an ideologically motivated and militarised terror group? Back in August 2014, an online collective affiliated … Continue reading Can Anonymous hurt ISIS?