TPM Smash Kino Gig

  The recently redecorated Kino was the perfect venue for a gig where every member of the audience had a cartilage piercing and looked like they studied graphic design. TPM is a hip-hop sibling duo from Dundalk. The Hendy brothers perform lively and lewd hip-hop which I would most certainly not be comfortable singing with my brother, but Charles and Andrew seem unfazed. The buzz … Continue reading TPM Smash Kino Gig

The Motley Gig Guide: Sep 30th-Oct 6th 2019

Deputy Entertainment Editor Cathal Donovan O’Neill gives you the five best gigs of the week We’re into week four, and I’ve got my first few assignments! They’re like very ugly puppies that I want to get rid of and wish I’d never been given in the first place. Or maybe angry rats, because my timetable’s about to get absolutely infested with them.  In music news, … Continue reading The Motley Gig Guide: Sep 30th-Oct 6th 2019