Model Citizen

Riley chats modelling, music videos and fans with actor/model Cole Stroud. Fresh off the set from megastar Lana Del Rey’s latest music video, filmed for the highly anticipated album ‘Honeymoon,’ Cole Stroud had plenty to talk about. The young model’s life was recently turned upside down when he made the leap from Texas to California in pursuit of the American dream. The project he was looking for fell … Continue reading Model Citizen

Interview: Max Jury

Staff Writer Adam O’Reilly talks the talented singer-songwriter Max Jury, about touring with Lana Del Rey and hitting celebrity status. Before I had the opportunity to sit down with Christian Eye’s singer/songwriter Max Jury I lay still, lights off with the early works of Jury on loop.  To my surprise, I wasn’t greeted by another heavily auto-tuned Pop-track, but instead I was serenaded by the … Continue reading Interview: Max Jury