Marie and the Supremes: 

Motley’s Editor in Chief Niamh Browne speaks to Justice Marie Baker on her time in UCC, her career as a barrister and her role as the first woman from Munster to sit on the Irish Supreme Court.  Justice Baker is an exceptional individual, as anyone who sits on Ireland’s highest court is assumed to be. […]

On the Legitimacy of Israel under International Law

Current affairs editor Hassan Baker met with Professor James Bowen to discuss the conference on Israel and Palestine to be held in UCC. The conference titled ‘International Law and the State of Israel: Legitimacy, Exceptionalism and Responsibility’ has been organised by some UCC professors to be held on UCC on the 31st of March to […]

Consent: Looking at Legislative Change?

FIONA HUGHES SPEAKS TO DR CATHERINE O’SULLIVAN ABOUT THE SUPREME COURT DECISION OF DPP v C O’R AND HOW THIS WILL IMPACT OUR RAPE LAW “Rape is described as not only the second most important offence on our statute books but a violation of one’s constitutional rights and yet the conviction rates are incredibly low.” […]

A Voice for Change

Olivia Teahan, Auditor of Students for Sensible Drug Policy Society UCC, speaks about why a reform of Ireland’s drug laws are necessary. The Cork chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) was first set up almost three years ago under the name Drug Awareness and Reform Society. It has since become the national platform […]

Laws of Life and the Unborn

After more abortion controversies in 2014, Motley’s Eoin McSweeney examines the laws surrounding the moral debate. The abortion debate in Ireland has been a source of discussion for decades. Across dinner tables, at parties and in lecture halls, the people of Ireland discuss the moral implications of legalising abortion. We wonder at what stage the […]