Tomislav Perko: Around the World in 1000 Days

Leah Driscoll chats with Tomislav Perko, author of 1000 Days of Spring, about his experience packing up and living a life of travel. Picture this: you’re a high-flying stockbroker. You’re only in your early twenties, yet things have already worked out pretty well for you. Your idea of a uniform is a suit and tie, and you’re making a delightful amount of money as you … Continue reading Tomislav Perko: Around the World in 1000 Days

The Final Countdown

Leah Driscoll documents the lingering existential dread that has engulfed semester two. The last twenty-something years have been pretty sweet and decision-free. The majority of us have moved seamlessly from primary, to secondary, to third level education with only one or two CAO related bruises along the way. By final year of college, those bruises have long faded. But now, as our three or four-year … Continue reading The Final Countdown

We Don’t Need Feminism

Leah Driscoll adds feminism to the list of unwanted things to leave behind with all your other regrets in 2015. Third wave feminism has ebbed and flowed since the nineties, but in the past year or two the wave has been more like a tsunami. We’re pretty much drowning in calls for equality, seeing as everyone from Malala to Miley is a feminist these days. … Continue reading We Don’t Need Feminism

5 European Christmas Markets Worth Seeing

Leah Driscoll inspires some seriously festive wanderlust. With chalets stocked full of gluhwein and enormous snow-dusted pine trees, the cities of Europe host the Christmas season better than any other continent can. There are countless stunning markets to choose from, but this list may inspire you to book a last-minute festive getaway. Vienna, Austria Vienna contains one of the best-known and most-visited Christmas markets in … Continue reading 5 European Christmas Markets Worth Seeing