Why voting yes matters for the future of Ireland

Adrian McCarthy explains why he hopes for an equal future Imagine that you are on a bus. It is an average, uneventful afternoon and you’re on the way home from work or college. You look out the window, watching the familiar surroundings pass you by as you sit squeezed into the narrow seats. You decide to take out your phone to alleviate the monotony of … Continue reading Why voting yes matters for the future of Ireland

On the Brink of Change

Following the announcement of an upcoming Irish marriage referendum, Auditor James Upton of UCC’s LGBT* Society discusses the current state of Irish legislation in relation to LGBT* civil rights and asks if Ireland could be the first country ever to pass a same-sex marriage referendum by popular public vote. LGBT* discourse has taken centre stage in civil society over the last year, with PantiGate challenging … Continue reading On the Brink of Change