Don’t be clothes minded

Report: Motley Staff UCC LGBT* society have created a new visual campaign that challenges what clothing means in our present society as a medium of expressing an individual’s gender. This photograph campaign presents six individuals of varying gender and sexual identities but this cannot be interpreted through their clothing. The anonymity present in this campaign is used to highlight the excessive association society places upon … Continue reading Don’t be clothes minded

We Exist

[stag_dropcap font_size=”50px” style=”normal”]As[/stag_dropcap] part of Bisexual Visibility Day, Eleanor Reid reflects on why bierasure is such a serious problem For the day that’s in it, I’ve decided to do something I’m usually not brave enough to do: talk about my sexuality. So, I’m a bisexual. Bisexuality isn’t a phase. It doesn’t mean I’m promiscuous. It isn’t halfway between gay and straight: it is its own … Continue reading We Exist


Adam O’Reilly chats to YouTube sensation Tyler Oakley about the influence of internet stars, meeting with the Obamas and his LGBT* advocacy work. Without a doubt 2014 has been the unofficial “Year of the Internet Personality.” Dozens upon dozens of our favourite internet personalities have made the jump from computer screen to mainstream media and many have officially been awarded the title of full-blown “celebrity.” … Continue reading #MotleyAsksTyler