BLOCK Interview

Kieran Enright talks to BLOCK’s Shane Ramsbottom and Jason O’Donovan about Cork’s Music scene past, present and future. “There’s a change happening in Cork – you can even see it with the graffiti around the city. It’s very far out to say, but the first sign of a moment in a city is when art […]

Interview: Dry Roasted Peanuts

I met JJ Lee, Marc Ó Cearnaigh, Chris O’Sullivan and Robert McDonnell – otherwise known as Dry Roasted Peanuts – in one of Cork School of Music’s many practice rooms on a humid, mid-July afternoon. The space was mostly taken up by two shiny grand pianos – Robert tapped out a tune on one as […]

Thoughts From a Safe Harbour

Sounds From A Safe Harbour was a necessary force for good in Cork City; an exploration of the unique spaces that the city offers, and bringing together a little bit of a community around love for art and music for a weekend. It showed that Cork is a living, thriving city that serves as an […]