Romance Books That Warmed My Cold Heart

Deputy Entertainment Editor Chloe Barrett shares a little list of romance books that will make you giggle while swinging your feet, or blush due to the steam.    Romance books have recently taken over the reading community, and are present on nearly every bookstore shelf. Trying to pick the perfect one can be tricky, as […]

Vox Pop of Love Full Interviews

Baneen: What is your relationship to the other person in the shoot?/Relationship to self love? My relationship to self love is a work in progress. There are days where I am so happy, feeling like I am on top of the world, really confident but I also have thoughts where I am like am I […]

Poetry: Star-gazing

By Noreen Angozi   Tonight the stars call upon you and beckon you to dance.  I know you have no rhythm but I fall carelessly in the face of love. As I muster a laugh, you scream to the stars, Challenging them to a game you were bound to lose.   Embers pirouette through the […]

Reevaluating Modern Love

A contributing writer shares a letter to their past self and shares what they wish they had known then.   Dear,  me from the past,  When you think of romance and true love, what do you see?  Is it the devotion of Shakespeare’s sonnets?  Is it that bouquet of flowers?  Is it that twinkle in […]

How Netflix’s Heartbreak High Shows Love For Us Outsiders

Staff Writer Jessica Anne Rose reviews Heartbreak High. (WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Heartbreak High.)   In September 2022, the remake of the hit Australian 1990s TV series Heartbreak High premiered on Netflix, and as a way of taking breaks to ease myself back into the swing of college work, I decided to watch […]

Poetry: ‘A Pocket Love’

By Shauna O’ Connor   “Oh, the Earth was made for lovers”, But I have never been a muse. Romance, I had considered dead,  Never something I could choose.   Not like the gold-hued days of old, When poets bled passion on paper,  When men stole kisses from sweethearts,  And women dried flowers from nature. […]