Poetry: Bite

By Emily Egan Reeve …what if your teeth were inside my pocket, a sad bracelet but also one which I liked? …what if you removed your teeth for me, gently of course, though of wild personal inconvenience? i don’t think i’d like you so much if you didn’t have teeth. i like your current teeth. […]

It’s Not You, It’s My Attachment Style

Features and Opinion Editor Édith de Faoite breaks down how attachment theory can be a useful tool in sorting you out.    A friend recently described me as “skittish” when it comes to my romantic endeavours. An unsurprising statement if you know me. This unwelcome commentary on my relationships (or lack thereof) urged me to […]

The Feelings of a Stone

A short story by Ruby Kloskowski   I stand amongst the earthen mounds, the rolling hills, and the luscious meadows of a land as old as me. Like a palace of rubble and solitude my presence beckons curious wanderers to ponder my mysterious origins. My kind are now shadows upon the land and only dwindling […]

for lauren

By Jessica Anne Rose encased in amber, unfurled through the trees tangerine crackling flickering leaves  met the earth as soft as the sun dipping low it was fated you’d always be mine to know  and yours to lean on, in summer, in rain both smiling solace again and again  i hear the words in your […]

Things Left Unsaid

Contributing Writer Seán Dunne shares a story about the courage it takes to let love in.   I couldn’t quite bring myself to say it. I thought I already had.  “I love you.”  The look from her eyes was enough to light the fires of an idle train. I wanted to run away.  “What?”  The […]

Poetry: Tessellation

Poetry by an anonymous Motley Contributor   We opened the box of a time-worn jigsaw.  Hands stained with hope, you linked your hopeful pieces with mine.  Fumbling with the future, picturing paradise, interlocking curves and colors, We eagerly created the unknown.  Touched by the tangible, you groped for explanations when I broke our puzzle into […]