The Rise of the Machines

You’re afraid of AI? Bad news, it’s already here writes Marten Kaas. Good news, it’s not all science fiction type maniacal murdering machines. The philosopher of AI tells Motley what we can do with intelligent machines and what we can expect from our machine overlords.  When you mention artificial intelligence, most people invariably imagine glowing […]

No, Immigrants are not Stealing Jobs. Robots Are.

The industrial revolution began in 1760 and is widely regarded as the technological feat of modern history. The implementation of machines to make agriculture and factory work more efficient was a huge blow to an already exploited and underappreciated workforce (pre-unionization). As with any major technological change though; the idea is always more troubling than […]

Machinations: The Effects of AI on the Job Market

  It’s a simple fact now that with the development of Artificial Intelligence, many industries are swapping out human workers for machine ones, and more increasingly in sectors previously thought to be safe from such developments. But this isn’t new information…Tadhg MacCionnaith discusses.    Artificial Intelligence is often seen as a threatening thing largely thanks […]