SU President Election Q&A

Candidates for this Year’s SU Presidential Race recently sat down with Eoin McSweeney to talk manifestos and election promises George Gill Q: So you’ve mentioned in your manifesto an SU lottery. Do you think that students will have the money to participate in this? Well the tickets could be as low as a euro or two. I think that this being the price of a Mars Bar or … Continue reading SU President Election Q&A

Laws of Life and the Unborn

After more abortion controversies in 2014, Motley’s Eoin McSweeney examines the laws surrounding the moral debate. The abortion debate in Ireland has been a source of discussion for decades. Across dinner tables, at parties and in lecture halls, the people of Ireland discuss the moral implications of legalising abortion. We wonder at what stage the foetus becomes human, whether fertilisation is enough to constitute the … Continue reading Laws of Life and the Unborn

Direct Provision

Laura Cashman speaks to a resident of the Kinsale Road Accomodation Centre about the reality of living in Direct Provision in Ireland The history of Direct Provision in Ireland is a short one. Increased inwards migration in the 90s meant the government had to adopt policies in accordance with this. In 1999, the Direct Provision system was introduced on a pilot basis. It was legalised … Continue reading Direct Provision

Interview: SARDA

Motley’s Rachel O’ Shea was excited to speak with SARDA Dog Handler, Pauliina Kauppila. SARDA Ireland is a national voluntary 999 / 112 emergency search and rescue organization. Since its establishment in 1987, Search and Rescue Dog Association has been training, assessing and deploying air-scenting search dogs throughout the country. The objective of the organization is to assist in the search and rescue of missing … Continue reading Interview: SARDA

Editorial: He’s A Mean One Mr Grinch

Words: Ellen Desmond Issue 4 of Motley was a tough one – it was a tough one to get started and a tough one to put together. Perhaps, part of the reason is because November is the month of the year where everyone is tired and hanging on by a thread until Christmas – or perhaps because famous people and advertisers won’t answer my urgent … Continue reading Editorial: He’s A Mean One Mr Grinch