Harry Styles Vogue Cover: A-Dressing Toxic Masculinity

  “If wearing a dress means that you are no longer masculine, then masculinity – as an institution – is too fragile and rigid in the first place.” Jack Van Lang discusses the contentious Vogue cover story featuring Harry Styles.   I saw a tweet recently that called my attention. It was Vogue sharing a […]

Why the world needs meninism. Really.

    “Men are trash”, “Why are men great till they gotta be great?”, “Boo men”. These are all things you will hear Niamh Browne say on occasion. Ardent feminist and friend to some men, who better to talk about the crises in modern masculinity?    Yes, poor men, poor, poor men who benefit from […]

Can Men Be Better?

  Gillette’s recent advertisement is an example of “Woke Advertising,” in which companies have realized that in today’s political climate, taking a public stance or supporting a controversial figure is no longer mutually exclusive with having an effective marketing strategy. However, when corporations attempt to commodify certain social movements, the risk doesn’t always pay off. […]