Editorial – Issue #1

Becoming the Editor-in-Chief of Motley Magazine is undoubtedly the most memorable and positive outlier for me in this most bizarre and socially-tectonic of years. Taking this publication into the future is a distinct and singular honour. I take on this role cognisant of the high standards set by my predecessors and with a determination to push beyond the constraints of traditional and antiquated conceptions of … Continue reading Editorial – Issue #1

SU President Election Q&A

Candidates for this Year’s SU Presidential Race recently sat down with Eoin McSweeney to talk manifestos and election promises George Gill Q: So you’ve mentioned in your manifesto an SU lottery. Do you think that students will have the money to participate in this? Well the tickets could be as low as a euro or two. I think that this being the price of a Mars Bar or … Continue reading SU President Election Q&A

Laws of Life and the Unborn

After more abortion controversies in 2014, Motley’s Eoin McSweeney examines the laws surrounding the moral debate. The abortion debate in Ireland has been a source of discussion for decades. Across dinner tables, at parties and in lecture halls, the people of Ireland discuss the moral implications of legalising abortion. We wonder at what stage the foetus becomes human, whether fertilisation is enough to constitute the … Continue reading Laws of Life and the Unborn