Motley Attempts Sobriety

Motley’s Hannah Kingston Hannah Kingston divulges the reality of a month off the sauce. Vodka and 7up, Gin and Tonics, Sea Breezes, Cosmopolitans, Sambuca, Tequila and those damn Jager Bombs.  I’m a woman of many tastes with a cultured palate. Yet, late last year I decided to kick my cherished liquid friends and to face the big bad world without a hazy hangover head. It … Continue reading Motley Attempts Sobriety

Interview: SARDA

Motley’s Rachel O’ Shea was excited to speak with SARDA Dog Handler, Pauliina Kauppila. SARDA Ireland is a national voluntary 999 / 112 emergency search and rescue organization. Since its establishment in 1987, Search and Rescue Dog Association has been training, assessing and deploying air-scenting search dogs throughout the country. The objective of the organization is to assist in the search and rescue of missing … Continue reading Interview: SARDA

The Forgotten Promise: Guantanamo Bay

Holly Cooney discusses President Obama’s unfulfilled promise to close the notorious prison’s doors. Since 1903 the Guantanamo Bay naval station in Cuba has been leased by the U.S government. Cuban governmental authorities agreed to the lease on the basis that the island be used as a naval station, something they believed would significantly reduce the US military presence. The lease was worth $4, 0845 to … Continue reading The Forgotten Promise: Guantanamo Bay

Editorial: He’s A Mean One Mr Grinch

Words: Ellen Desmond Issue 4 of Motley was a tough one – it was a tough one to get started and a tough one to put together. Perhaps, part of the reason is because November is the month of the year where everyone is tired and hanging on by a thread until Christmas – or perhaps because famous people and advertisers won’t answer my urgent … Continue reading Editorial: He’s A Mean One Mr Grinch

Is an Hour Worth €8.65

Motley’s Killian Down examines the impregnable barrier that is the minimum wage €8.65 is a sum that will be all too familiar with many of our student readers. It’s a building block that may someday amount to a summer spent on foreign shores, or perhaps the one thing that prevents yet another lonely migration across the Atlantic from which there may be no return. Whatever … Continue reading Is an Hour Worth €8.65