Aftersun: For The Love of Mescal

Contributor Amy Ellen Bogue reviews Aftersun, starring Paul Mescal and written and directed by Charlotte Wells.   Aftersun is a heartfelt story about growing up and looking back on your childhood. This is not your typical coming of age film, but an intricate narrative woven between the past and the present. The story centres on […]

M3GAN Review

Written by Shane McCormack   Director: Gerard Johnstone Cert: 15A Writers: Akela Cooper Running Time: 1hr Cast: Allison Williams, Violet McGraw, Amie Donald, Jenna Davis, Ronny Chieng, Jen Van Epps, Brian Jordan Alvarez. Genre: Horror/ Sci-Fi   Rating: 3 Stars   From director Gerard Johnstone (Housebound, 2014) and writer Akela Cooper (Malignant, 2021), comes the […]

Extraterrestrial Terrors

Andrew Mason writes on the timelessness – and horror – of Ridley Scott’s Alien.   ‘In space no one can hear you scream.’ This famous tagline, engraved in pop culture history, perfectly encapsulates fear and horror in a single line. Released in 1979, Ridley Scott’s Alien ushered in a new age for the sci-fi horror […]

A Parasocial Sense of Self: A Review of ‘Not Okay’

By Jessica Anne Rose ‘Not Okay’ starring Zoey Deutsch arrived on our screens in July, and quickly gathered traction online. Naturally I was intrigued; I love a film I know no context to in the hope that I can be caught unawares, so I eagerly settled down to watch it. The film opened with a […]

Tenet Review: Nolan’s Newest Blockbuster is thrilling but Lacking

Christopher Nolan’s love affair with the concept of time has always managed to seep its way into his work – from the backwards “Memento” through to the non-linear structure of “Dunkirk”. It has never been more evident, however, than in his latest effort – the spy thriller/sci-fi action blockbuster “Tenet”. Starring the likes of John […]

The Unmarketables: A Horror Renaissance

    Staff Writer Kane Geary O’Keeffe writes about a new wave of horror films that feature terrors that range far beyond the classic jumpscare, and discusses Hollywood’s inability to adequately market this subgenre.    Like it or not, horror has moved beyond the jump scare, and I believe we are in the midst of […]