Irexit Combine

Seamus Allen explores Irish Euroscepticism, and whether ‘Irexit’ is a viable option Since Britain’s referendum on EU membership, there has been a dramatic surge in the questioning of Ireland’s EU membership within Irish public discourse. Irexit- that is, Irish exit from the European Union- has been advocated by a motley collection of characters ranging from […]

Lord Mayor launches ‘What’s in the Powder?’ campaign aimed at student population

Report: Motley Staff The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Criona Ni Dhalaigh, today launched a campaign urging students to think about drug use, and in particular about drugs sold in powder form. The ‘What’s in the Powder?’ campaign is the result of a collaboration between three Dublin universities – DIT, TCD, and UCD and the Ana Liffey Drug Project. Resources created […]

Ireland, Britain and the EU: A Marriage or Divorce of Convenience?

With Britain questioning its EU membership, Claire Fox asks what such a ‘divorce’ would mean for Ireland Ireland has always had an issue with separation. It took us 700 years to separate from Britain, a separation which dragged on until 1949 in which we finally severed all ties with our neighbour and declared ourselves a […]