A Fresh Approach to Drug Strategy

Hassan Baker meets with Graham De Barra, director of Help Not Harm, and Chill Welfare’s Katy Macleod to discuss drug policy ahead of the 2016 General Election. There seems to be a lot of confusion as to what the difference between the decriminalisation and legalisation of drugs. There also seems to be rarely any mention […]

Every Colour Illuminates

Eoin McSweeney examines the contrast between LGBT* rights at home and abroad as he writes from his work placement in a legal aid clinic that specialises in LGBT* issues in Philadelphia. Mia is picked up by police in Philadelphia for assaulting a man outside a club after he calls her a “tranny.” While she is […]

Playing the Blame Game

Eoin McSweeney meets with Mary Crilly, director of the Cork Sexual Violence Centre, to discuss the issue of victim blaming in the wake of the scandal which involved young Cork women’s Facebook photos being place on a pornographic website. “Here’s a girl I fucking hate, she thinks she’s better than everyone and I want to […]

Loans for Learning

Hassan Baker takes a look at the reality behind proposed student loan schemes In recent times funding for education has been decreased, while costs have continued to increase. This is due to the cuts made during the recession, as well as an increase in demand for places in third level institutions. The number of entrants […]

93% of Student Nurses Considering Emigrating

Words: Ellen Desmond The Union of Students in Ireland today released new survey information showing that 93% of student nurses have considered emigrating when they finish college. Over 600 student nurses were surveyed across the country and 564 (92.5%) stated that they have thought about emigrating when they qualify as a nurse. ”If the vast […]

Peter Robinson’s Resignation: Are the Troubles truly over?

Dylan O’Connell investigates an issue we all thought had been left behind… On the 28th of May 1974, following five months of the proposed Sunningdale Experiment, Northern Ireland’s first Minister Brian Faulkner resigned his seat; collapsing the power sharing government and condemning Northern Ireland to twenty four years of direct rule from Westminster. Fast forward […]