An Ode to (Good) Sports Writing

Killian Down What’s something everyone around you knows you’re obsessed with and why? Someone once described Mancunian band Elbow’s album, The Take Off and Landing of Everything, as an epic of the everyday, a romance of the real. It was an allusion to lyrics which draw on reserves of emotion usually saved for grand romance, but spill out in Guy Garvey’s gentle drawl and find … Continue reading An Ode to (Good) Sports Writing

The Noisy 21st Century

How do we distinguish between speech that harms and speech that sparks debate? Alice O’Brien examines the divide The motivational speaker Tony Gaskins once said, “arguing isn’t communication, it’s noise.” No debate has been louder than the 21st century favourite: hate speech vs free speech.  It is a bone of contention that pokes its head into every news story, amplifies every political move and sparks … Continue reading The Noisy 21st Century

UCC Societies Update – January

Words: Kelly Doherty UCC Societies have an exciting couple of weeks to come. As per usual at this point of the year, a whole host of balls are taking place so there’s something for everyone to get their glad rags together for. Accounting & Finance Society, Law Society, Food Science Society, Science Society, the language societies and creative societies are holding their annual balls. This … Continue reading UCC Societies Update – January

Commercial Court Rules in Favour of UCC

Report: Motley Staff The Commercial Court (Mr Justice Barrett) has today ruled in favour of University College Cork in the action it brought for the benefit of Aviva against the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) for compensation for the flood damage to its property following the extensive flooding of Cork City in November 2009, which infamously caused considerable damage to areas of the University campus. The … Continue reading Commercial Court Rules in Favour of UCC

George Boole to rise from the dead for 200th birthday bash

Report: Motley Staff As the fun goes ever on for the bicentenary of George Boole’s birthday, it appears we’ve officially had enough banter to raise the dead. Boole recently made contact from the afterlife via his latest technology; another one in the long stream of Boole’s discoveries that the majority of UCC students haven’t even vaguely heard of. “Party at mine Thursday of Freshers’ Week,” the … Continue reading George Boole to rise from the dead for 200th birthday bash

The Forgotten Promise: Guantanamo Bay

Holly Cooney discusses President Obama’s unfulfilled promise to close the notorious prison’s doors. Since 1903 the Guantanamo Bay naval station in Cuba has been leased by the U.S government. Cuban governmental authorities agreed to the lease on the basis that the island be used as a naval station, something they believed would significantly reduce the US military presence. The lease was worth $4, 0845 to … Continue reading The Forgotten Promise: Guantanamo Bay