Brexit – A Blessing In Disguise for UCC Students?

Motley’s Editor-in-chief, Eoin McSweeney, examines what Brexit means for Ireland and it’s youngest and brightest It looked like David Cameron had steered the ship to safety. His promise to lead his crew to new heights of prosperity was becoming a reality and his gamble had paid off. His and the UK’s destination could be seen on the horizon; continued economic growth and stability within his … Continue reading Brexit – A Blessing In Disguise for UCC Students?

No Old Bar, No Holds Barred – Motley Opinion

This article has been updated in response to new information provided by the UCC SU president. Yesterday, the UCC Students Union revealed a press release that marked the public announcement of the closure of the Old Bar, and the start of a campaign by UCCSU, the Societies Guild and the Clubs Executive, in opposition to the closure. The press release referred to an open letter sent … Continue reading No Old Bar, No Holds Barred – Motley Opinion

PORN: Ireland’s Answer to Sex Ed

Emily Horgan It seems that we cannot socially approve a new piece of technology these days without confirming it can be used to watch pornography.   Advances in virtual reality, high speed internet and AI are enriching our sexual experiences and broadening our sexual horizons. But in Ireland, when our sexual education is what can only be described as severely lacking, it seems that pornography … Continue reading PORN: Ireland’s Answer to Sex Ed

OPINION: A Clear Eye for Education

  Amid all the stress of career fairs and personal statements, Laura McGrath issues a reminder of education’s true purpose. My formal educational experience began somewhat in-extraordinarily and quite like anyone else’s in this country of ours; I entered junior infants at the age of about five. As a naïve, keen infant, I stepped through the doors of an ordinary, archetypal primary school, ready to … Continue reading OPINION: A Clear Eye for Education

UCD200: Reaction

Words: Amy O’ Callaghan If someone ever tries to claim that lad culture isn’t very prominent, please point them in the general direction of any college campus because sometimes, once in a while, an event can occur that firmly reinstates the fact that the #lads are still thriving within day-to-day society. One such event occurred just last week, when University College Dublin’s student newspaper, The … Continue reading UCD200: Reaction

OPINION: Size Shouldn’t Always Matter

With Mattel introducing their new ‘Curvy Barbie’, Claire Fox asks whether political correctness has caused us to take ‘Size Matters’ a little too seriously, especially in something as simple as a doll. Size Matters. Dress size, breast size, penis size, diamond size, the list is endless. Our world is so concerned with this four letter word that it has now invaded something as simple as … Continue reading OPINION: Size Shouldn’t Always Matter