Sandcastles – Tony O’Halloran I dunked you beneath the waves and laughed as you threatened retribution.  We were the couple sharing a sunny secret, cooked vegetarian lasagna, assembled flatpack without a single fight, found each other under that tree. Beneath your sheets I came to wonder what it all could be.  You asked me to write so I wrote for you, inspired by American Townlands  … Continue reading Sandcastles

January Poetry

Mo hata – Ava Ní Loingsigh   Look, keep your warm calloused hands and your smiling eyes, Keep those sea wet salty eyebrows under Connemara skies, Keep the easy-going attitude “Beidh gach rud ceart go lóir,” Stay there and sit in factor 50 on the sandy shore Keep the dances we danced together and try to dance like me Think of Fionnán eating lunch in … Continue reading January Poetry

Conversations in a Radicalised System

Tony O’Halloran Conversations in a Radicalised System ‘Settle down. Stop fighting for your gods, They can’t hear you now, Not with the noise of your guns’ Entrenched, his righteous brigade, once no-man-fathomed. Now it is frightful, sheer, lacking no conviction, exacting reverence: You are either with us or against but never in between. Ignorance is our enemy, resistance our kerosene. Inextricably, her cause consumes, splinters … Continue reading Conversations in a Radicalised System