Poetry: Noor

She dreamt that the moon fell into her lap, His beauty mesmerising  Looking up into the sky and through his eyes She knew that she had found the man of her dreams The dark black sky, so infinite in which she felt so insignificant,  No longer felt so scary, as though the darkness could turn […]

Star Fox

Dead fox on the road,  This is not your home.    Dead fox on the road,  You have far to roam.    Dead fox on the road,  Your eyes as black as coal    Dead fox on the road,  Empty like a black hole    Dead fox on the road,  The sky awaits so blue.  […]

Poetry: The Molar Truth

Pull out the tooth Excalibur from the gum – the wriggle and rattle and Eventual give since – of course! I am the Chosen One, the Arthur  Of my own, aching epoch. I keep this milky relic close to my chest, cradle it Like the dull throb of a newly pierced ear. Run My tongue […]

Poetry: Bloom

There are those who bloom like daffodils. They wait beneath the soil Until eventually, in springtime, they burst out with little toil. They’re bright like evening sunsets, yellow and orange and green,  But in winter, when you need them, they’re never to be seen.   There are those who bloom like roses, crawling out from […]

Filíocht: Fir na hAlban a Sheampú

Fir na hAlban a Sheampú   “Ava, bhí orainn a bheith seampúaithe, Roimh an vírus ní raibh baint ag éinne le gruaig Albanach riamh, Mar sin bhíomar ag mothú amaideach, úrghlanta inár shuí,  Francach leath-bháite ag stánadh ón scáthán,  Uisce ag titim síos orainn, ár gcollair ‘s ár maisc lán,  Eispéireas uafásach náireach a bhí […]

Valentines Poetry #4 – Your Portrait

As part of Valentine’s examination of modern love, Motley has delved into the world of bad dates, personal essays and poetry. Our final poem in our poetry series is ‘Your Portrait’ by Jamie Aspell   Your portrait,  hanging in my eye.  It swings upon a fraying thread yearning for the ground.  I did not put […]