Poetry: This One is Addressed to Me

By Morgan Lyons   Modern love Is love modern? Modern to love myself, modern to see myself To run my hands over my body without inspection Without search for perfection Modern to hug myself Support myself Let myself Rest, eat, move No, not let Encourage Encouragement, not punishment Not depreciation Rest with a clear conscience, […]

Poetry: The Ghost

By Ava Palmer   No one can hear me,As I walk past your door,My evening shadowOn the pavementIs as silent as my footsteps. A whisper in the wind floats past your ear,As I draw near,I swear our fingers touch,This time I swear. You turn your head,And I know you’ve felt Me. However briefly. You try […]

Poetry: Modern Love

By Cormac McCarthy   Passing out that slow-walker Mistakenly brushing their hand on the overtake That’s modern love   Seeing a tweet from seven years ago And hoping the Maroon 5 obsession was just a phase That’s modern love   A chance second encounter in the middle aisle of Aldi,  While feigning interest in a […]

Poetry: Star-gazing

By Noreen Angozi   Tonight the stars call upon you and beckon you to dance.  I know you have no rhythm but I fall carelessly in the face of love. As I muster a laugh, you scream to the stars, Challenging them to a game you were bound to lose.   Embers pirouette through the […]

Poetry: ‘A Pocket Love’

By Shauna O’ Connor   “Oh, the Earth was made for lovers”, But I have never been a muse. Romance, I had considered dead,  Never something I could choose.   Not like the gold-hued days of old, When poets bled passion on paper,  When men stole kisses from sweethearts,  And women dried flowers from nature. […]

Poetry: Bite

By Emily Egan Reeve …what if your teeth were inside my pocket, a sad bracelet but also one which I liked? …what if you removed your teeth for me, gently of course, though of wild personal inconvenience? i don’t think i’d like you so much if you didn’t have teeth. i like your current teeth. […]