for lauren

By Jessica Anne Rose encased in amber, unfurled through the trees tangerine crackling flickering leaves  met the earth as soft as the sun dipping low it was fated you’d always be mine to know  and yours to lean on, in summer, in rain both smiling solace again and again  i hear the words in your […]

Poetry: Tessellation

Poetry by an anonymous Motley Contributor   We opened the box of a time-worn jigsaw.  Hands stained with hope, you linked your hopeful pieces with mine.  Fumbling with the future, picturing paradise, interlocking curves and colors, We eagerly created the unknown.  Touched by the tangible, you groped for explanations when I broke our puzzle into […]

Poetry: 3:01 am, Monday 24 Oct

if tonight be our last and the skies fall and the universe splits in two I would like to go with the imprint of your head leaning on my shoulder the sound of your laugh filling my eardrums and blocking the impact the shatter of everything falling off the shelves as you sigh and make […]

Poetry: Noor

She dreamt that the moon fell into her lap, His beauty mesmerising  Looking up into the sky and through his eyes She knew that she had found the man of her dreams The dark black sky, so infinite in which she felt so insignificant,  No longer felt so scary, as though the darkness could turn […]

Star Fox

Dead fox on the road,  This is not your home.    Dead fox on the road,  You have far to roam.    Dead fox on the road,  Your eyes as black as coal    Dead fox on the road,  Empty like a black hole    Dead fox on the road,  The sky awaits so blue.  […]

Poetry: The Molar Truth

Pull out the tooth Excalibur from the gum – the wriggle and rattle and Eventual give since – of course! I am the Chosen One, the Arthur  Of my own, aching epoch. I keep this milky relic close to my chest, cradle it Like the dull throb of a newly pierced ear. Run My tongue […]