Politicians have failed us on climate change

  Kyle McCarthy explains recent developments in climate legislation and why he believes the government is not doing enough to combat climate change. Just over one year ago, Greta Thunberg began a movement that on the 20th September saw millions of students unite, from the Pacific islands in the East, to the U. S. in the West, to demand one thing: that action be taken … Continue reading Politicians have failed us on climate change

Breaking In

The prison industrial complex has been shaping criminal justice for decades, writes Lauren Mulvihill – but what are the implications? It’s unusual to hear of anyone trying to break in to prison, and yet something to this effect has been happening since the 1980s. The past few decades have seen a massive increase in the number of prisons being passed from states to private contractors. … Continue reading Breaking In

What will Ireland look like in 2040?

Motley staff writer Ryan O’Neill speaks to Minister Simon Coveney about his new National Planning Framework proposal and the Fine Gael leadership change When I arrived in Minister Simon Coveney’s constituency office I am greeted by an amiable secretary, with whom I participate in small talk with in regards to the Minister’s no doubt packed schedule. “Oh, it doesn’t even phase him” she incredulously asserts. … Continue reading What will Ireland look like in 2040?

The Bull In The China Shop

Current Affairs Editor Hassan Baker interviews Professor Ann Lee on the Chinese Economy. In every Trump campaign speech montage that we’ve been bombarded with on social media, we’ve heard the word ‘China’ with an alluring emphasis on the ‘n’, repeated like some sort of hypnotic mantra. However the Trump campaign and the media have never really touched on why this country and its economy has … Continue reading The Bull In The China Shop