UCCSU Spotlight: Student Union Presidential Candidate: Asha Woodhouse

By Stephen Moynihan. The sole President candidate in this year’s SU elections is Asha Woodhouse, who is seeking re-election for the position. Born and bred in Cork and with an extensive history of activism, key focuses of Asha’s campaign are cost of living, accommodation, and access to education. “To me all these issues are interlinked […]

A House Divided: Paranoia and Partisan Politics in the United States

As the tsunami that was the US Presidential election begins to subside, Motley’s Conor Daly looks at the debris and how those in power face the unruly task of rebuilding bridges.   Joe Biden got the requisite 270 electoral votes and was named the 46th US President. Donald Trump refused to accept reality and created […]

Trump: A Biography Built With Brick and Mortar

In the lead up to the presidential inauguration Luke Holmes documents the life of President-Elect Trump. It would be true to say that you cannot go anywhere without hearing the name Donald Trump. The man who was elected by the United States of America to be their 45th President and the first republican in the […]