Conversations in a Radicalised System

Tony O’Halloran Conversations in a Radicalised System ‘Settle down. Stop fighting for your gods, They can’t hear you now, Not with the noise of your guns’ Entrenched, his righteous brigade, once no-man-fathomed. Now it is frightful, sheer, lacking no conviction, exacting reverence: You are either with us or against but never in between. Ignorance is our enemy, resistance our kerosene. Inextricably, her cause consumes, splinters … Continue reading Conversations in a Radicalised System

Europe’s Problem Child

Motley’s Peter O’Brien discusses the wider implications of Greece’s most recent general elections. The recent general election win of Greece’s “Coalition of the Radical Left” party, otherwise known by its acronym, Syriza, has instilled a profound fear in all centre-right governments across Europe. The party rode into power under the leadership of the fresh faced Alex Tsipras, on a wave of public support for their … Continue reading Europe’s Problem Child