Something a Little Bit Different

Eoghan Scott sits down for a quick catch up with The Academic, before they perform at UCC’s RAG Week. “We love playing Cork, especially Cyprus Avenue. We’ve always had great shows there – the crowds are always crazy, so I’m looking forward to more of the same in a few weeks’ time!” So says Dean Gavin, drummer of fast-rising Mullingar band The Academic. The Cyprus … Continue reading Something a Little Bit Different

RAG Week: The Musical

Words: Kyle Malone This month, UCC celebrates RAG Week, a term which literally is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as: “An act of ragging; an extensive display of noisy disorderly conduct, carried on in defiance of authority or discipline.” Though most students will look forward to RAG Week as a time to relax and unwind with friends, others are busy at work, as UCC is … Continue reading RAG Week: The Musical