BLOC PARTY: A New Chapter

Robbie Byrne talks to the self-confessed grandpa of Bloc Party, Justin Harris, on old feuds, new sounds and a bright  future. Earlier this year, democratic socialism, the lifelong foe of American capitalism, rose above decades of mockery and disdain. A spiritual awakening of a nation locked by Trump fever, democratic socialism is the romantic balladeer to capitalism’s Wolf of Wall Street. Like its socialist frontman … Continue reading BLOC PARTY: A New Chapter

Running with Wolves

Ahead of their Grammy performance on the 15th of February, Robbie Byrne talks to Wolf Alice stickman and songwriter Joel Amey about his prolific songwriting ethic, scotch egg fracas, and 80s horror. “Sorry man.” “No. No, I’m sorry, mate.” Ten miscalls later, I’m not sure who’s more apologetic. Blame it on watching Spinal Tap one too many times, but I’ve lived with this hair-brained belief … Continue reading Running with Wolves

FULL INTERVIEW: The Unexpected Legend

This year’s Cork Jazz Festival headliner Gary Numan talks to Robbie Byrne about pioneering electronic music, retiring at twenty-three, and resurrecting a flat lined career. Call it good fortune, but it seems the timing is nigh on perfect as we hit a candid Gary Numan up on the eve of receiving Q magazine’s prestigious Innovation In Sound Award. “This is the cool one to get,” … Continue reading FULL INTERVIEW: The Unexpected Legend

Interview: Bumblefoot

By Robbie Byrne Few groups have resided on the top tier of rock nirvana. That handful of bands whose music has infiltrated popular culture to such an extent that even those with the smallest musical interest tend to have an unnerving knowledge of their greatest hits and off-stage exploits. But what if you were part of this fame? Would you talk about it? Ron Thal, … Continue reading Interview: Bumblefoot

Interview: Gary Numan Headlines Cork Guinness Jazz Festival

Gary Numan speaks to Robbie Byrne ahead of his headline performance at this week’s Guinness Jazz Festival in Cork Numan’s career thus far reads a little like those Bond films of late: electric opening/ forgettable midsection/ thrilling finale. Appealing to punk kids and pop aficionados in equal measure, Numan hijacked the imagination of late-seventies Britain with his breakout single Are ‘Friends’ Electric – an oscillating … Continue reading Interview: Gary Numan Headlines Cork Guinness Jazz Festival