From Quakerism to Quasars

From Quakerism to Quasars, this is the extraordinary story of Jocelyn Bell Burnell.    Jocelyn Bell Burnell is a small, striking woman. The thing about impressive people is they don’t have to work hard to impress you, or at least it doesn’t seem like they work hard to impress people. She is serious looking, tidy and very very clever. Every word is weighed and carefully … Continue reading From Quakerism to Quasars

Nobel Prizes: This Year’s winners

Sean Ring lists and details the winners and their accomplishments. The Nobel Prizes were established by the will of Alfred Nobel of Sweden. This came as a shock to most people not least his family who, as you can imagine, were not too pleased to learn they would not be getting their hands on his fortune. Alfred had written the will without any lawyers (due … Continue reading Nobel Prizes: This Year’s winners

Climate Change: Science, Horrors and Policy

HASSAN BAKER SPEAKS TO PROF. JOHN SODEAU, AN ATMOSPHERIC CHEMIST FROM THE CENTRE FOR RESEARCH INTO ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY (CRAC) IN UCC. “As well as the predictable signs of climate change, there seem to be more unpredictable effects; “Some of these sound like scare mongering crazy science fiction…” Climate change has stopped being that boring thing Al Gore likes to rant about and has become the … Continue reading Climate Change: Science, Horrors and Policy