Seeing & Believing: Sexual Assault on University Campuses Highlighted in USI Survey

Current Affairs Editor Alana Daly Mulligan breaks down the findings of the NUI Galway’s Active* Consent Programme’s Sexual Experiences Survey.  It is hard to know where to start with this topic due to its emotive, uncomfortable, vast, and terrifyingly fastened-to-silence methodology, we are still a country too afraid of our sexual assaults and assaulters to speak about them. […]

Rewriting Sexual Assault

Rían Browne O’Neill examines feminism and sexual assault in light of Roxane Gay’s literature on the subject Late 2017 saw a raft of sexual assault allegations against prominent individuals within the entertainment industry, including Kevin Spacey & Harvey Weinstein. Born from this, the #MeToo campaign saw thousands come forward to share their own experiences of […]