Aokigahara Forest and Beyond

Social media influencers play a massive role in mental health advocacy, and over the years we have seen many influencers successfully promote healthy and open dialogues pertaining to mental health. Mental health and the way we as individuals approach it is very important, and if we do so in the wrong manner, we risk hurting […]

Do we appreciate the art we see on Instagram? By Eve Roche

    As I scroll through Instagram on a cold winter’s evening, I find myself liking every post of art that I see.  Whether it’s a graphic print or a painting, I wouldn’t say my eyes rest on it for more than 20 seconds. One has to wonder if technology has affected the way we […]

Societies Spotlight #3

Welcome! Here’s Societies Spotlight #3! Again, we have so many activities happening over the next few weeks! Don’t be afraid to get involved with our societies here in UCC. With exams coming up, it’s great to take a break and try something new. Time flies when you’re in college, so it is important to make […]

Refresh, Refresh, Refresh: The Dangers of the Notification Drug

Our smartphones have become an extension of ourselves, writes Aoife Walsh – and it’s putting our mental health at risk The morning comes. Your alarm is ringing. Before you even get out of bed and open the curtains, your hand roams around for your phone. You eventually find it and turn off your alarm. Check […]

Influencers, Friendship Breakups and Unprecedented Girl Talk: It’s the It Galz

Staff writer Aoife Walsh talks to the Dublin podcast duo. It’s been almost a year since Dublin women Jenny Claffey and Lindsey Hamilton  launched their ever-growing in popularity podcast, IT GALZ. Known for coining the phrase Fineass Feminists, IT GALZ podcast gifts its listeners with unapologetic, unconfidential, no-topic-off-the-table girl talk. While simultaneously cracking open cans […]

Escaping the Echo Chamber

Social media allows us to tailor the truth, writes Cormac Dineen. What can be done about it? If you are a university student in 2017, the smart money says that you spend at least an hour using social media every day. Be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, social media has undeniably morphed into a crutch, […]