Playing the Blame Game

Eoin McSweeney meets with Mary Crilly, director of the Cork Sexual Violence Centre, to discuss the issue of victim blaming in the wake of the scandal which involved young Cork women’s Facebook photos being place on a pornographic website. “Here’s a girl I fucking hate, she thinks she’s better than everyone and I want to […]


Colm Cahalane asks if the new social media is eroding the effectiveness of traditional media on campus. Note: This article was edited on 20th February 2016 following the arrival of new information. The campus radio station stays tucked away on the top floor of Áras Na Mac Leinn, and on the ground floor the staff […]

Long time yikker, first time yakker…

Following recent UCC-themed “ups and downs” on social media, Sorcha Lanigan considers the pros and cons of anonymous social media apps. Oscar Wilde once said “Give a man a mask and he will tell you the truth.” Such a truism can be applied to today’s online anonymous apps and websites such as Yik Yak and […]

Motley Tries: Social Media Hiatus

Do the apps of our generation make us insecure and less focused? Hannah Kingston discovers the truth in this month’s Motley tries. Social media mediates every aspect of our lives, including our interpersonal relationships. Such vast developments in technology have the ability to both strengthen and weaken our bonds. This is shown in a plethora […]


Eoghan Scott discusses the role that social media and the internet plays in forming our reactions to terrorist atrocities and understanding of political affairs. The response to the recent terror attacks in Paris was overwhelming, and much of the outpour was seen online. Nothing happens in 2015 without live online coverage; this is often a […]


Anna McCarthy Self-indulgence is often a touchy topic to pick at, but the level of narcissism social media and technology have surrounded us with makes it a fact of life in modern day society. When the first hand-held Motorola presented itself to the world, it only had one function: communication. The mobile phone has since […]