A Guide to New Doctor Who

Justine Lepage takes you on an adventure in time and space in anticipation of Doctor Who’s latest (re)incarnation.   Dear reader, have you ever watched the British sci-fi tv show Doctor Who? Did you have a sibling who forced you to watch the Kylie Minogue Christmas special growing up? Were you terminally online and obsessed […]

The Geopolitics of Space

Contributing writer Brenn Liddy discusses the way in which space innovation and exploration has become a geopolitical competition and addresses the issue of expenditure in light of other ongoing global issues.   In recent years the space race has once again gathered momentum and is drawing many parallels to the original space race of the […]

The Deep Seas Should be Prioritised over Space Exploration

Leah Moynihan makes the case that the greatest discoveries can be made here, on our own planet.    We are searching for oceans underneath Jupiter’s moon, yet only 5% of our deep seas are explored. Debate about whether space exploration resources should instead be put into investigating our deep seas has been ongoing for the […]

Barbie In Orbit

Deputy Editor Lisa Ahern discusses the significance of Barbie going up in space.   The Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforettie makes history by bringing the Barbie doll, which was made to resemble the Commander, in orbit with her in the International Space Station(ISS). Samantha Cristoforettie is the first Female European Commander of the ISS and departed […]

Photoshoot: Space

  Credits:   Photographer: Annawen Lecas @annawen35   Models: Claire Watson @claire.bee.watson Ellen @elleneganx Rosie O Byrne @rosie_sunset   Styling & Producing: Justine Lepage @loucoffee Claire Watson @claire.bee.watson Sinéad Mckeown @sinead_m.c.keown   Light: Justine Lepage @loucoffee   Hair: Aoife King @aoifeking_hair   Makeup: Annawen Lecas @annawen35   Disco Ball: Kate Miller @kaateclaire

The Race For Space: The Precariousness Surrounding Privatisation

Contributing writer Matthew James Quill addresses the vast array of different risks that the privatisation of space poses and highlights the issues of class privilege which surround this.   “I’m escaping to the one place that hasn’t been corrupted by capitalism: SPACE!”, so echoes the voice of Premier Anatoly Cherdenko as he plans to leave […]